12 factors I’m thrilled for AGTA GemFair2018!

Happy2018, my beloveds !! It’s late January, and you acknowledge what significance: time to get pumped for AGTA GemFair!

Outside the AGTA GemFair in Tucson!

Why I can’t wait on AGTA GemFair2018

FromJanuary 30 th– February fourth, the majority of the United States and Canada’s finest coloured gems and pearl sellers will gather on the AGTA’s 2018 GemFair to provide their glimmering, glittering, shiny items. The event is simply available to members of the jewelry organisation … nevertheless I’m going to share all of it with you!

Here’s why that’s so exhilarating:.

The delightful jewelry.

My primary objective on the AGTA GemFair2018 will be simple: to trace down among the very best coloured gems and pearl jewelry in a space packed with the crème de la crème and share all that gemmy goodness with you!

Instagram enables you to adhere to hashtags now, so you potentially can adhere to together with the whole GemFair on each the AGTA Instagram account and the #AGTAGemFair18 hashtag to be sure to do not miss out on an aspect.

I’ll be doing a takeover of the AGTA IG represent 2 days, so you will find my magnificent discovers there or on my own Instagram page, in addition to continuously security in my Instastories!

Detail of a stunning Erica Courtney pendant.

Detail of a stunning Erica Courtney pendant.

The GEMBASSADORS at the minute are a triple threat!

Last year, HannahBecker and I had the enjoyment of working as AGTA GemFair’s inaugural Gembassadors It was an honor and a genuine adventure to provide you an expert’s view of this famous event.

This year, we’re going to offer you a lot more entry by increasing the Gembassador labor force! For the AGTA GemFair2018, Hannah and I will be signed up with by Instagram star and cherished jewelry organisation character, BenjaminGuttery of Third Coast Gems

EachGembassador will be focusing on hardly absolutely various aspects of AGTA GemFair2018, so ensure you adhere to all 3 people, the AGTA Instagram account, and the #AGTAGemFair18 hashtag to be sure to do not miss out on something!

Two brooches by the fabulous Naomi Sarna Designs; colored sapphires, amethysts, and diamonds and a freshwater baroque cultured pearl.

Two brooches by the magnificent Naomi Sarna Designs; coloured sapphires, amethysts, and diamonds and a freshwater baroque cultured pearl.

Ethical sourcing all over the location.

Every exhibitor on the AGTA GemFair2018 is an AGTA Member, which symbolizes that their business practices satisfy the group’s strenuous code of principles. In this moment, with sustainability and ethical sourcing within the leading edge of our organisation’s factors to consider, it’s extremely essential to understand that each provider within the AGTA GemFair has actually been examined and recognized.

One of my preferred minutes of the 2017 GemFair was speaking with ColumbiaGem House about their commitment to Fair Trade practices and the method they not entirely keep themselves responsible, nevertheless actively participate in charity efforts to match the neighborhoods who mine the gems they promote.

Leon Mege earrings with rubies and diamonds in platinum, sterling silver, and 18k rose gold.

LeonMege earrings with rubies and diamonds in platinum, sterling silver, and 18 fine increased gold.

The gems and pearls.

Many designers may be on the AGTA GemFair to provide world class stones that might end up being world class gems by this summertime time’s Jewelry MarketWeek It’s unthinkable to support the scenes of another part of the interesting pipeline of discovery and style that keeps the jewelry organisation operating.

My fellow Gembassadors, Hannah and Ben, are each Graduate Gemologists, in order that they’re going to take the lead on showcasing the unset products of GemFair whereas I focus on finished products.

The Gembassadors on parade at the AGTA Spectrum Awards Gala.

TheGembassadors on parade on the 2017 AGTA Spectrum Awards Gala.

The AGTA Spectrum Gala.

What’s greater than a space filled with jewelry people? A space filled with jewelry individuals dressed to the nines, commemorating one another’s achievements! The Gembassadors can be remain on the purple carpet on Feburary fourth to cowl the 2018 Spectrum Gala, welcoming guests as they get here and sharing everyone’s excellent Spectrum Sparkle with you on social networks.

My bathrobe is on the tailor’s being hemmed (#shortpeopleproblems), I just need to identify how I’m going to embellish it. I’ll keep in mind to send my #SpectrumSparkle as quickly as I choose!

If you’re going to the gala too, send a photo of your #SpectrumSparkle on Instagram in order that we will all enjoy it! If you require to participate from home, utilize the #SpectrumSparkle hashtag to mention us what you would be sporting on the pink carpet.

The Macaw earrings by Graziela, with diamonds, aquamarine, Paraiba and sapphires.

TheMacaw earrings by Graziela, with diamonds, aquamarine, Paraiba and sapphires.

The meals vans.

If you have actually ever been to something in a conference middle, you’ll view how extremely exhilarating it’s that AGTA invites Tucson’s finest meals vans to set up in a delegated area behind the AGTA GemFair

My routine commerce present meals are generally smashed granola bars out of my bag or soaked turkey covers, scarfed down whiles standing in corners in between consultations. In various expressions, I’m extremely thrilled worrying the possibility of taking in really great meals throughout a commerce present with out even requiring to disappear the area.

A stunning azurmalachite pendant by Nicolette Fine Jewels.

A stunning azurmalachite pendant by Nicolette Fine Jewels.

Lots to study.

The AGTA GemFair isn’t just a market: it’s a center of knowing With so the majority of the gem and pearl organisation’s most prominent experts in a single location, it may be a crime to not profit of the opportunity to take in a few of that put together info.

While you remain in Tucson for the AGTA GemFair, unquestionably leave your self a while to have a look at the workshops on website Hear business’s primary stars talk about offer chain openness, organisation licensed points, suggestions on social networks and marketing, and rather more– there’s a workshop for everyone!


I have not been to a jewelry present considering that VicenzaOro inSeptember It’s been great getting some down time over the winter season, nevertheless I miss my jewelry people! AGTA GemFair is a major event, so I’m desiring ahead to addressing meet great deals of my preferred organisation people from all over in the country.

Objects on display from the Smithsonian's collections at the Smithsonian's AGTA GemFair booth.

Objects on program from the Smithsonian’s collections on the Smithsonian’s AGTA GemFair sales area.

The extra specific exposes.

One of the main concerns I discovered when I went out onto the ground of the 2017 AGTA GemFair wasDr Jeffrey Post, Curator of the National Gem Collection, standing in entryway of an option of treasures from the Smithsonian’s JanetAnneberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems & &Minerals

.(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ )(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )is simply among the unique exhibitors who will most likely be developing cubicles on the 2018 AGTA GemFair You can even go to the CulturedPearl Association of America’s program of significant pearl jewelry, e-book a consultation on the AGTA CAD Studio, or browse the display of picked AGTA Spectrum Awards winners.

The sunlight.

February within the DC area is cold and gray. I’m coming for you, blue skies and cacti!

An extraordinary topaz bracelet by Randy Coffin, with sapphires and diamonds.

An remarkable topaz bracelet by Randy Coffin, with sapphires and diamonds.

The trendspotting.

The AGTA GemFair is a benchmark event when it pertains to trendspotting. We’ll get to see which gems are promoting, which cuts are stylish, which provides designers are purchasing, and– if we’re lucky– which gems are entering into the marketplace for the main time.

The flow of offer and require at each year’s AGTA GemFair might provide us early ideas about what we will expect to see in jewelry for the rest of the year. There’s no alternative to genuinely being on the bottom, seeing firsthand what customers are gravitating in the instructions of.

The brand-new discoveries.

Every time I’m going to an AGTA event, be it the Spectrum awards or GemFair, I discover something I have actually by no methods seen earlier than. I do not understand what it’ll be this time, nevertheless I can’t wait to look for out!

A remarkable Llyn Strong opal ring, spotted at the 2017 Spectrum Awards Editors' Day.

An extraordinary Llyn Strong opal ring, seen on the 2017 Spectrum Awards Editors’ Day.

Don’ t miss out on an aspect!

Have I pleased you to go to AGTA GemFair2018 however?? It starts January 30 th, so there’s nevertheless time to acquire airplane tickets. Whether or not you’ll exist in private, best here’s who you require to adhere to on Instagram to get the total knowledge:.

@AGTA_Gems and #AGTAGemFair18: The AGTA’s extremely individual account! Constant security and takeovers by all 3Gembassadors Follow #AGTAGemFair18 too and likewise you’ll have the capability to see what EVERYBODY is publishing from GemFair Don’ t ignore to adhere to #SpectrumSparkle too– and utilize it to mention us your gala gems!

@DiamondsInThe Library: That’s me !! I’ll be on the hunt for the ideal coloured gems and pearl jewelry that the AGTA GemFair needs to provide.

@DiamonDoodles & & @ThirdCoastGems: My fellow Gembassdors are each Graduate Gemologists, in order that they’ll be bringing you their within scoop on the wonderful raw and un-set gems and pearls at GemFair

The AGTA GemFair in Tucson, AZ.

Find additional fast truths about AGTA GemFair2018 here, or the total scoop totally on AGTA’s site And in case you’re not on the ‘gram, don’ t worry: I’ll be doing a blog release reacap after I get home, too!

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