100 years of sorrow in one grieving ring collection.

Mourning rings and grieving jewelry are a specific niche product for jewelry collectors: they’re lovely however so intimate that not all collectors are drawn to get them. Personally, I discover grieving rings remarkable. I believe there’s something fantastic about the concept that an excellent loss that can be memorialized with a memento that you can use whenever you wish to consider them.

But this post isn’t about grieving rings in basic– this post is to take a look at one genuinely extraordinary collection of grieving rings that is headed for auction in Fellows September 30 th Fine Jewellery Sale

This remarkable collection of Georgian and William IV gold and enamel mourning rings spans 100 years.

One of the most substantial grieving collections to ever be offered in the UK, this collection consists of sixty-three (!!) Georgian and William IV grieving rings. The rings were gathered by Elizabeth Snaith (1805-1890) in the 19 th century and the present owner is a descendant of the SnaithFamily The collection has never ever has actually never ever been offered in the past.

Every ring in the collection is gold with enamel with one skeleton band (envisioned above in the lower right-hand man corner of the image).

The collection consists of rings memorializing fifty unique people and has actually been thoroughly looked into. The listing consists of documents put together by the collector, consisting of the names on the rings, their household connections, history for a few of the more significant names, and even substantial ancestral tree for a few of the households represented. There is more details in the auction listing, consisting of pictures of a few of the documents. It’s genuinely extraordinary.

This incredible collection of mourning rings spans 100 years

Here’s a bit more background from Fellows:

The providing and using of grieving rings took place commonly in the duration to the late 19th century. Many testator offering funds in their wills to crucial benefactors for the purchase of a ring to be used throughout the duration of grieving. Such a benefaction was an honour and would have been gotten with pride and the rings would have been used with excellent regard. We note that much of the called individuals that happen in this collection left wills that acquired probate at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and their wills consist of information of these bequests.”

If you have actually ever shopped a grieving ring you comprehend how limited and desired they are and how impressive it is that this collection has SIXTY 3 of them entirely! It blows my mind more than a bit.

I’m so pleased that these grieving rings made their method into the hands of a collector who treated them with regard and protected them so wonderfully. I hope whoever is the next owner of this standout collection will protect it simply as thoroughly.

This amazing collection increases for sale on September 30 th, so make sure to go have a look at the auction listing at Fellow s prior to then. And if you remain in the UK and choose to go see the collection, please inform it hi for me.

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